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Charles Fox
Birth Date October 30, 1940
Works Wonder Woman

Charles Fox is an American songwriter, film and television composer who rose to fame in the early 70s with Roberta Flack's recording of "Killing Me Softly," a song Fox co-wrote with songwriter Norman Gimbel. Fox and Gimbel would continue their collaboration on such hits as "I Got a Name" as recorded by Jim Croce and Marry Manilow's "Ready To Take A Chance Again." The duo would also team-up on TV hits like Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Angie, and Wonder Woman.

When I was writing the theme song for Wonder Woman to Norman’s lyric, the producer, Doug Cramer, called me one night while I was at the piano working. He asked me if I would play the theme for him over the phone. That was not at all unusual, as I had many times played themes and songs for singers and producers over the telephone, with the telephone tucked in under my chin. But this night I could hear loud music and noise in the background from Doug’s end of the line. I asked him what that music was, and he said that he was at a party but was anxious to hear the theme for his new show, and not to worry, that the loud music on his end wouldn’t bother him at all. In fact, it didn’t, and he liked the song immediately.
Killing Me Softly: My Life in Music by Charles Fox, 2010

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