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Char King of Kendrys
Real name Char
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #248 (November 1978)
Created by Bob Toomey and Maurice Whitman
Affiliations Isle of Kendrys
Abilities flight

Char is a pteracentaur from an inter-dimensional realm who encounters Hippolyta's ship on its way to Paradise Island in "Tales of the Amazons in Ancient Times".

The Amazons first encounter Char when their ship becomes stuck in the web of a giant spider. Hippolyta entrusts him with a sword to free himself from the web, but they lose Mala to the spider in the process. Char explains that he is the king of Kendrys, and must be on his way to depose his brother who has claimed his throne. Hippolyta convinces him to assist in recovering Mala, and in turn her army will help take back his kingdom. (Wonder Woman v1 #248)

After sailing among the stars, their ship finds the Isle of Kendrys, but it is not as Char left it. His castle is found in ruins, surrounded by a group of bird-like creatures. Char and Hippolyta are attacked, engaging in battle that ends with Hippolyta threatening the life of their leader. The creatures explain that their ritual sacrifice to the Nameless God could not be interrupted, for it has taken over Char's castle and stunts the grow of their culture with radical shifts in weather. Char and Hippolyta accompany the creatures to the castle, crumbling at the touch, where the Nameless God promises to make Char's attempt to retake his kingdom a difficult task. (Wonder Woman v1 #249)

The "Tales of the Amazons" back-up feature did not continue past issue #249, leaving Char's story unresolved.

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