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Cassandra WWv4-21
Real name Cassandra
Debut Wonder Woman v4 #14 (January 2013)
Created by Cliff Chiang, Brian Azzarello
Affiliations First Born
Abilities Mind Control

Cassandra is a demigod, child of Zeus and a mortal woman, who was born with the ability to control the wills of others using her voice.

Cassandra was raised alone by her mother who died after Cassandra ordered her mother to commit suicide for her telling her what she could not do. Discovering her mother had actually died, Cassandra quickly realized that she had a gift and was placed into an orphanage. Refusing to speak since the death of her mother, Lennox eventually found the young Cassandra and took her under his wing. At one point she had forty people murder each other using her hypnotic voice, but had her throat ripped open by Lennox as retaliation. She managed to survive her injury and had her throat replaced by a bionic device that allowed her to speak.

Eventually she managed to uncover the First Born son of Zeus and Hera, with a team of scientists and managed to convince him to trust her as his ally. She has accompanied the First Born as he battled Hades and Poseidon eventually making their way to London where they confronted Lennox, Diana, Zola and Hera in an attempt to capture Zeke.

Before her throat was ripped out, Cassandra could use her voice to control the minds of others.