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Blakfu WWv1-4
Debut Wonder Woman v1 #4
Created by Charles Moulton
Affiliations The Underworld, The Mole Men
Abilities Cat-like claws for underground digging.

Blakfu, King of the Mole Men rules the Underworld, a dark, subterranean civilization of blind men who have delved underground for generations.

Over time, the Mole Men have developed claws for digging which emerge like a cat's between their fingers. They are blind because men's eyes cannot adjust to the darkness. But for women, it grows light as day as their eyes get used to it. Thus, the Mole Men use women as slaves to serve as their "eyes." The women apply glow-in-the-dark photonic chemicals to their bodies which generate ultraviolet rays that penetrate the eyelids of the Mole Men, allowing them to "see" the women.

When the earth opens up and swallows Etta Candy and the Holiday Girls, Wonder Woman and reformed prisoner Paula Von Gunther descend into the Underworld to save them. But they discover King Blakfu and the Mole Men and learn of their plot to rule the world by taking advantage of the war-torn surface and conquering America.

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