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Real name Beowulf
Debut Beowulf, Dragon Slayer #1 (May 1975)
Created by Michael Uslan, Ricardo Villamonte
Affiliations Hrothgar, Claw
Abilities Enhanced Strength and Speed


Under instructions from a being known as "The Shaper", Beowulf travels to Castle Hrothgar in Daneland, to fight the monster Grendel On the way there Beowulf and his men take a detour into the Underworld where they rescue Nan-zee, a Swedish scylfing warrior from the Demons who have been controlling her. Beowulf, Nan-Zee, and his companions Wiglaf and Hondscio continue onwards to Castle Hrothgar, but are again detoured, ending up in a bog where they battle "Swamp Men". Meanwhile, for some reason Grendel and his mother reveal to the reader that they are descendants of Caim. Somehow, Beowulf and friends fall through a dimensional gateway beneath a patch of quicksand into a fiery underworld they refer to as Hell

At a later point in the series Beowulf discovers that the only way to slay Grendel is with the nectar of the "Zumak Fruit". Along the way he encounters Dracula, a mysterious Lost Tribe of Israel, Ulysses accompanied by a troop of anonymous Greek Warriors,Egyptian/Sumerian Space aliens straight out of Chariots of Gods, and the lost city of Atlantis

In the final issue of the series Beowulf and Nan-Zee travel from Atlantis to Crete, where they finally get their hands on some Zumak fruit in the labyrinth of King Minos where Beowulf fights a Minotaur which is being controlled by Satan Because Satan has made Dracula his heir over Grendel, Grendel kills Satan by plunging a stalactite into his back. The Minotaur dies, and Beowulf eats some Zumak fruit; the fruit grants him supernatural strength on par with Grendel. Beowulf and Nan-Zee then make their way back to Daneland in order to slay Grendel who has taken Satan's place as king of the underworld.

Beowulf's first reappears in Wonder Woman #20 (July, 2008), where Wonder Woman and Stalker recruit him and Claw for a mission to slay the Demon Lord Dgrth.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master Swordsman
  • Hand to Hand Combatant
  • Enhanced Strength and Speed