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Becca Doherty
Real name Becca Doherty
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #190 (May 2003)
Created by Walt Simonson and Jerry Ordway
Affiliations NYS Division of Licensing Services, Barbering Division
Abilities hairstylist

Becca Doherty is a cosmetologist living in New York City. While suffering from a form of amnesia, Wonder Woman happens upon Becca outside her apartment and is shocked that someone has recognized her. Diana accepts Becca's invitation inside to sign her autograph book as a way of getting off the street where she may be recognized by citizens possessed by The Shattered God.

Offering her tea (or a salad, a sandwich, or the moon), it soon becomes clear how much of a Wonder Woman fan Becca is. Her apartment is littered with memorabilia including lamps, posters, books, bookends, a throw rug, telephone, and a blown up copy of the 1971 cover from the premiere issue of Ms. magazine.

Stressed over Diana's ability to remember who she is, Becca convinces her to twirl around, thus transforming into her Wonder Woman uniform. Becca notes that she's missing her tiara, Lasso of Truth, and Bracelets of Submission. In an attempt to help her remember, Becca guides her through a scrapbook of Wonder Woman headlines which prompts some vague memories in Diana of her origins and upbringing on Themyscira.

In an attempt to make herself as unrecognizable as possible to hide from the eyes of the Shattered God, Diana decides that she needs to cut her hair. Convinced that she'd butcher it, Becca insists on handling the job herself as a professional. She cuts it very short and finishes off the look with a pair of her mother's reading glasses. Before parting, Diana thanks Becca for helping to rediscover her identity, and Becca offers help if she ever needs it again. (Wonder Woman v2 #190)

Becca is seen again in her apartment, briefly serving as a vessel for the Shattered God in its search for Wonder Woman, but she has yet to meet Diana again. (Wonder Woman v2 #191)

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