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Astarte, Empress of the Silver Snake
Debut Wonder Woman v2 #252 (February 1979)
Created by Jack C. Harris, Jose Delbo


Astarte was thought to be an alien warrior. She traveled in her Silver Snake across the universe, searching for a specific person. That person turned out to be wonder Woman, and when she encountered the Amazon, she immediately attacked. However, after witnessing Wonder Woman's heroic deeds, Astarte realized she was wrong and apparently killed herself.

Wonder Woman, confused by the situation, had her mother Hippolyte inspect the remains of Astarte. Hippolyte's appearance triggered Astarte's return, and she attacked the group of Amazons in outer space. Hippolyte eventually realized that Astarte was the spirit of Diana, Hippolyte's sister who had been killed by Hercules before the Amazons founded Paradise Island Astarte, shocked by this revelation, left her golden body and joined Athena and Aphrodite in the afterlife.

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