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Debut Wonder Woman v1 #234 (August 1977)
Created by Gerry Conway
Don Heck


For reasons that are still classified by the U.S. government, nothing is known about the background of the Nazi agent code-named Armageddon.

What is known is that he is a highly trained operative wearing a distinctive costume, with a cunning mind and a working knowledge of firearms and other weaponry. He first came to public attention during World War II, when he was assigned to infiltrate the United States and to steal a top-secret experimental biochemical formula, which was capable of turning human beings into hulking, berserker-type monsters that would be more effective in combat. It is presumed that the formula was a type of steroid, although again, this cannot be confirmed as all information regarding the case is still classified top secret.

Armageddon's plot to steal this formula was ultimately thwarted by Wonder Woman, and by Charles McNider, the original Dr. Mid-Nite. Armageddon himself managed to escape custody; his later activities and ultimate fate post-war are not known.


Weapons: Small Axe and Multiple Firearms

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